20​,​000 Leagues Under the Sea

by 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

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released June 24, 2011



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20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Mobile, Alabama

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Track Name: Sunrise
I wake up and I step outside
I'm waitin' for my clear blue skies
Waitin' for my sun to rise

But I know I'm just dreamin'
Pissin' all my days away
Tryin' to hide myself from my fate

And everything will always fade away
And I don't know nothin'
about livin' for livin's sake

But I guess I'll just end it all here
Cause I realized that civilized is just another word for fear
Track Name: It's Been Way Too Long
It's been way too long
So I wrote you this song
I bought you the best bed in the whole damn town
I come home to find you sleepin' on the ground

I'm a mile deep in my smoky paradise
I'm drinkin' down the gin to drown your dirty lies

The letter that you wrote
Bites like words from a ghost
And my curtains stay closed all day
in a huddled heap of filth that I lay

Plastic static fuzz, who cares what's the fuss?
Nothing can replace the space between us
Track Name: Colours
The colors of your face are fading to a dark place where waiting
On his back the man lies, in his tree the cat cries

Can you really use someone you love?
Can you really spill your brother's blood?
Without shedding a tear?
Without feeling fear?

The sky hangs blue like a child onto where it's from and where it's been
You keep knockin' but you can't get in

Sometimes you never wanna open your mouth
Sometimes you wanna kick and scream and shout

Everybody I know runs away, from themselves or from some place
Everybody I know needs to pray, to some god or something

The street shines like hot lava in the night
crazy creatures are walking around
But you're the crazy creature in this town and you stumble towards your hazy destination
Your cold body is your soul's transportation

Everybody I know smiles to cry
Everybody I know lives to die
Track Name: Hey, Mr. Peanut Man!
Hey, Mr. Peanut man! Don't make me sad
I wanna get those peanuts man
c'mon give me a bag

You got sacks and sacks of em
Packs and packs of em
Stackin' em up to the sky!
Hey, Mr. Peanut man, come on and make me smile

Hey, Mr. Peanut man! You're lookin' fine
I want to get those peanuts man
for that baby of mine

Hey, Mr. Peanut man! Don't make me beg
If I don't get those peanuts man
I'll hit you in the head!
Track Name: That Boat
Everyone that I've ever known was on that old boat
They all went back to our home
Left poor old me, left me all alone

Early one morning that horn blew out it's warning
I did not hear, I still was yawning
It don't feel good to be forgotten
I have to build my own damn coffin

But sometimes I think I hear em callin' out to me
Echoed voices cross the sea
But I know there's no one there to hear me when I cry
No one to mourn me when I die
Track Name: New Orleans
I'll meet you on Dauphine when the bell rings three
oh when the bell rings three
I'm a hungry girl, I've been beat down by the world
oh I've been beat down

Isn't it kinda funny for a girl like you to be in this town
Isn't it kinda funny for a girl like you to be hangin' round me?

I've seen the end of this world
I've seen it with my two eyes
I tell ya there is a big black hole
from when the moon does rise

Isn't it kinda funny for a girl like me to have seen
everything that I saw
To step to the edge of that hole
and be scared to fall...

But I saw that moon come up and I tried to grab hold
but my hands just couldn't grip
and down and down I slipped
Away from how I feel
Away from what is real..

I'll meet ya down in New Orleans
oh the town of broken dreams
Together we'll climb up on the levee wall and we'll laugh when we watch that moon fall
Track Name: C'mon Baby
C'mon baby you know I wanna take you out before I'm a goner, so baby, let me take you out
Might be my last night to squeeze and hold a woman tight, so baby, let me take you out

All I wanna do is hold your little hand
All I really wanna be is your pen-palling, palling man

Might be my last chance to make myself a sweet romance, so baby, let me have this dance
Tomorrow comes I leave this town, guns and fire gonna follow me down
Track Name: Chord-O'Roy Man
I know a man who never smiles
He makes his shoes out of crocodile
And if you wanna talk it's gonna take a while
He's busy, oh oh he's busy

I can't hear what you say if you can't afford to pay or look good

I know a girl, the prettiest in the world
I run my fingers through her blonde curls
I'm happy, oh oh I'm happy
but she said

"I can't hear what you say if you can't afford to pay or look good"